Groups Menus (20 people minimum)

Regular portion Small portion

Guests will receive a free meal for the driver and one other person per group of 25.
For more variations and other offers, please feel free to contact us.

Menu 1

Winemaker's salad
Minced chicken and mushrooms - noodles
Apple Pie

16,00 €
Menu 2

Curly lettuce salad with bacon and Munster
Sautéed rabbit hunter style - noodles
Nougat ice cream with coulis

18,00 €
Menu 3

Alsatian platter
Trout braised in Riesling -
Soufflé with orange liqueur

17,00 €
Menu 4

Quiche Lorraine - salad
Old-fashioned blanquette de veau - Rice
Bowl "Ballon d'Alsace"
(Blueberry and raspberry sorbet, blueberries with syrup, kirsch and whipped cream)

18,00 €
Menu 5

Pâté in a pastry crust - crudités
Chicken in Riesling – Homemade spätzle
Chocolate mousse

19,00 €
Menu 6

Winemaker’s pie - salad
Roast veal with mixed vegetables
Fresh fruit salad

20,00 €
Menu 7

Plate of smoked ham
Grandma’s Bäckeoffa
Ile flottante

19,80 €
Menu 8

Onion tart - salad
Alsatian sauerkraut
Gugelhupf glazed with Marc d’Alsace

20,00 €
Menu 9

Small gourmet salad
Bouchée à la reine meat pastry - noodles
Homemade Vacherin

22,50 €

1/4 (what) wine or beer + water + coffee (per person)

6,80 €
Cheese supplement

(per person)

3,50 €

When booking, please remember to mention:

- customers who do not eat pork

- customers who are allergic to certain foods

- customers who are vegetarian or vegan