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Info : Owing to preparation times, some desserts should be ordered at the beginning of the meal.

Irish Coffee or Alsatian Coffee

10,00 €
Baba cake punched with “IGP Alsace” Marc de Gewurztraminer

10,00 €
“Crème Brûlée” with vanilla seeds

9,00 €
Pistachio ice cream profiteroles Dark chocolate sauce

10,00 €
Alsace "Dampfnudel", apple-cinnamon compote and salted butter caramel sauce

10,00 €
Home made “vacherin” : Vanilla, lemon, raspberry

10,00 €
Chocolate sponge cake (15 min)

Soft centered chocolate pudding

10,00 €
Raspberry Soufflé, Strawberry Coulis, Yoghurt Ice Cream and Fresh Mint Sorbet

10,00 €
Sorbet drowned in a shot of :

Marc de Gewurztraminer, Raspberry, Pear, Mirabelle plum etc…

10,00 €
A choice of ice-creams or sorbets

Per Scoop

2,50 €
Chantilly cream

2,00 €

Sorbets: lemon, pear, yellow plum, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, passion fruit, blueberry, fresh mint, Marc de Gewurztraminer.

Ice-cream: vanilla, pistachio, yoghurt, chocolate, coffee, ginger.

Net prices inclusive of tax and service