Meat and Main Courses

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Grilled beef rib with Béarnaise sauce (at least 2 people)

34,00 €
Beef entrecote steak with Béarnaise sauce

34,00 €
Hand-chopped steak tartare with ginger

26,00 €
Veal rib steak, cauliflower cream and button mushroom duo

28,00 €
Pan-fried escalope of veal sweetbreads, mint and sweet lemon, butter foam, baby leeks, roasted prawns

32,00 € 19,50 €
Bone-in pork chop, horseradish-flavoured purée, acacia honey and balsamic vinegar jus

26,00 €
Herb-roasted rack of Alsace lamb, flambé with garlic and thyme eau de vie (“Metté” Distillery)

33,00 €
Knuckle of ham with potato salad or sauerkraut

18,50 €
Braised knuckle of ham with Munster cheese sauce

18,50 €
Alsatian sauerkraut

19,00 €
Grandma’s three-meat baeckeoffe

18,50 €

Net prices inclusive of tax and service

All ou dishes are served with a choice.

All our Beef and veal are of French or European Union Origin.